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Break-in caught on camera in Ballantyne

BALLANTYNE, N.C. — Five break-ins were reported to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police between Monday around 11:15pm and 1:15pm on Thursday of this week. All the incidents took place at the Plantation Park Apartments.

"When you hear things like that you start to get a little bit worried,” Ana Mari, who lives behind the complex told NBC Charlotte.

A renter at Plantation Park caught a possible suspect on camera through his home security device. The video was taken Monday night and reported to police Tuesday morning.

However, over the next couple days other residents were broken into – one other apartment, three garages and three vehicles in total.

NBC Charlotte reached out to Plantation Park Management, but they didn’t want to comment.

Another mom in the area is concerned about the safety of her kids even playing in the backyard.

“That’s very concerning for me. My daughter goes out to play, but now I don’t feel comfortable with her even walking a block over because you never know who’s lurking,” Syrine Reese said.

Security experts are advises people to look into purchasing security cameras, but even having some signage could potentially save your house from getting broken in to.

"I called my son today actually ,and I said, ‘hey, will you please look into a few security companies because I need that added protection’,” Reese added.

All five break-ins are under investigation.

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