Ballantyne Area Of Charlotte

If you live in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, North Carolina, then you’re certainly in one of the nicest parts of the city. Just a generation ago, this was mostly farm land and rural, but a massive development and construction plan turned it into a major hub of commercial activity with an expansive office park attracting quite a few businesses.

Ballantyne Apartments Available Here

Residential construction went up around the area at a furious pace. If you’re working here, it helps to live as close as you can to avoid the traffic that ensnares much of the sprawling region, but if you can’t find a home just yet, then you might have to spend some time in one of the many ballantyne apartments available here.

Housing Inventory In Charlotte

Housing inventory in Charlotte, at the time of writing, was actually rather tight. The few homes that were coming on to the market were not on average staying there longer than between three and six months, which is roughly half the time that local property experts considered healthy. The restricted supply compounds itself in the fact that current homeowners hoping to move to another home are reluctant to put their current one on the market for fear of selling without being able to buy.

Choosing To Spend Time In Ballantyne Apartments

That’s not to say there aren’t homes for sale in and around Ballantyne, but it does make sense that many are choosing to spend time in Ballantyne apartments while they look for a home. Fortunately, even apartment living in Ballantyne is pretty nice. Many of the apartments went up in the 1990s or after, so they are very new constructions with modern features and contemporary architecture.

While every property is different, you can usually count on there being a good swimming pool you can enjoy with family and friends or guests. Many of the communities are also gated. That’s not always foolproof security-wise, but it does cut down on cross traffic cutting through a property. Of course you can just call someone for maintenance when you have an issue with the condition of your apartment, and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning gutters or mowing the yard.


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